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It's Your Time

... And 70 million+ baby boomers are changing the social climate of the 21st Century. These ageless "Mat-Gens" (mature generations) are the new 'hip' culture whose time has come. They are not just boomers' they are in bloom; rising like the sun over the highest mountain. Some are making indelible marks and innovative footprints in the pavements of their future. They are a revolution abounding!!

A new life beyond retirement is in view for you, are you to start the next phase of mature living? Thanks to medical advances people can expect to live longer active lives.
How will you find answers to make your bonus years more vibrant and meaningful?
Are you ready to design a future more interesting than your past?
How will you spend your bonus years?

Life Planning

SunRise Beginnings symbolizes new stages of life; new energy and new beginnings. It's a time to reflect and transition from meaningless fads and useless fancy; it's a time to re-examine true meaning of spiritual values, family and community. Why not plan for greater success with a vision empowered to pursue your dreams spontaneously and confidently.

Get ready to design a future more interesting than your past. Retire from the past and become liberated and "authentic". Bundle your talents, experience, skills and special gifts, and transform them into a creative passion for an exciting future. Re-invent yourself; leap vigorously and decisively with a balanced plan for living.

Are You Prepared?

Start TODAY - create your plan to seize opportunities to learn, give and grow. Plan to build bridges between generations--apply your skills to others needs and become the master in control of your significant years.

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Take a sentimental journey where retirement ends and life's transition begins? You have the blueprint -- shift gears into new beginnings and enjoy the trip, Retirement is simply transitioning from one phase of life into the next. Re-order your priorities, structure your plan, and take action. Two programs are available to help you craft and reshape your deferred dreams and unfulfilled passions into new and fresh reality. Learn how to take action steps to achieve this dream? Your bonus years are waiting for you.

What is Coaching?

  • It's individualized, personal and confidential.
  • It's about diversity, choices, options and new discoveries.
  • It enables you to explore areas of your life; use your attributes, skills, and talents for new beginnings.
  • It's about Y-O-U - who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.
  • It will help you form meaningful goals and help lead you to be accountable to yourself.


Retirement Readiness
Unique coaching strategies and the Retirement Success Profile are used to guide individuals through pre-retirement preparation and decision-making for the next phase in your life. Learn to evaluate options to better focus on work disengagement, replacement of work functions, and create a personal roadmap for living a successful and enriching retirement life.

Group Facilitation

Meet at the Valley Conversation Café, where Mat-Gens gather for an interactive, "conversation style" workshop. It's a dialog format where the discussion is all about mid-life questions and what matters most to you. Its here you exchange ideas and learn from each other while planning your ageless future. Learn how to design your legacy footprint. Be the master over life changes; reinvent yourself as you make new choices.

This facilitated 2Young2Retire© program based on the popular book "Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your Life" by Howard and Marika Stone inspires and turns life changes into new beginnings. Spend 3-weeks (one-hour each week) with other like minded people in this powerful series. Create a fresh vision with artistic and emotional passion. Be the author of your own future. Choose themes for family, relationships, self, and social commitments. Experiential learning addresses segments of life that needs attention as we mature -- money, work, volunteering, spiritual, and social, Wellness, and leisure.