From Success To Significance

Midlife is a great time to reorder one’s priorities, rediscover what matters most, and do what you love. I had to decide if it is to be-it up to me to live life livelier in a style of my choice. Most new age baby boomers say age is not a prerequisite for slowing down to a retired status. There are dreams to be too fulfilled and missions to accomplish in the second half of life. Too young to retire?

I chose to write my life plan guided by a personal vision statement, goals and objectives.

As I disengaged myself from traditional work, I plunged into new endeavors which gave me a feeling of revitalization accompanied by a sense of an emerging ‘new self’. It was time to move from success of the past on to significance - a life of purpose and meaning. I opted for a new life-style and started on a road to new beginnings. The journey is priceless.

Join me on this maturation journey to new beginnings. Learn more when you enroll in our teleseminar or workshops. I work with individuals like you - coaching them to find their passion, purpose and meaning in this new season of life.


Available Now! inspiring book by author Barbara Penn-Atkins on new images of aging.

Your images of aging are about YOU and how you see yourself when you look into the mirror of your mind. It is a reflection of your thoughts about who you are and who you wish to be.

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